Happy New Year and a welcome to 2021

This year was a difficult and tempestuous year for most of us. It was a year of losses, reminders, confirmations, trials and tribulations. In my own life more people that I know left this planet this year than in any other year of my entire life. It was certainly a year of losses, of mourning, and a year of awakening. It’s as though Life shook us up and woke us up to a different reality than what we were used to. A pandemic world wide that took away our freedoms, and our voices, and of all things to have a shortage – toilet paper?! What does it all mean to be shaken awake? Awake to LIFE, to what it really means to be alive, to be aware of what is important in our lives.

So much of what is wrong in our world came to the surface. It was as if Mother Nature, aware of everything that happens on the planet shook everything and everyone and brought light to the darkness. She brought truth to the surface so that with our own light we can see it, and understand what is wrong in our world. It is as if Gaia, the Spirit of Mother Earth was crying out to her children for help. She exposes the truth of darkness to all of us, and we in turn with out own lights can quell the darkness and transmute it into love and light as we move into the New Year. May we keep our light shining brightly into this New Year filled with gratitude for overcoming such a difficult time, for surrendering to our inner voice and realizing that it is from within that we find the happiness and peace we seek for ourselves and everyone on the planet.

Happy New Year, and welcome 2021. May it be filled with peace, love, abundant light and prosperity.

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